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DAS Current Events

The coming events listed on this page include workshops and short courses that are presented by Damos Aviation Services personnel. Other coming events include trade shows  and scientific meetings with Damos Aviation Services presentations and exhibits. All of these events are concerned with student and airline pilot screening and hiring.  Major publications by Damos Aviation Services personnel are listed with their release dates.

Upcoming Meetings

Stay tuned for 2024 announcements.

New Publications

Dr. Diane Damos has published a new technical report, Technical review and analysis of the Army Air Forces Aviation Psychology Program research reports (Report No. AFCAPS-TN-2019-0002).   This report was published  by Air Force Personnel Center/Strategic Research and Assessment Branch at Randolph AFB, TX.  It is available through DTIC or may be downloaded directly from Dr. Damos’ pages on ResearchGate.  


COURSE Updates

Course and workshops may be conducted in conjunction with the Quebec Center for Aviation Training.  For a more detailed description of a short course or workshop, please click here: courses. Please email the Quebec Center for Aviation Training or call  514-300-2732, Extension 0 to obtain a course outline or to register. They may also be given just prior to trade shows or other aviation-related events.