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Presentations at Scientific Meetings

Dr. Diane Damos presents papers at conferences from time to time. The presentation below was made at the International Symposium of Aviation Psychology in 2021. 

Damos Aviation Services personnel may be asked by national and international news outlets to comment on aviation-related events.  The lists below include links to printed and on-line media, podcasts, and videos.



Dr. Diane Damos and Ms. Hope Harkey did a podcast in 2018 for the Centre Quebecois de Formation Aeronautique (CQFA) on effective pilot recruitment and new developments in pilot selection.



Dr. Diane Damos gave an interview to National Public Radio on the anniversary of the Germanwings crash.  The interview may be found here:

The following interviews were given by Dr. Diane Damos after the Germanwings accident in March 2015:

Newspapers and On-line Media

Psychological testing of pilots in the U.S. – Cleveland Plains Dealer

Tampa Bay pilots grapple with aftermath of deadly Germanwings crash – Tampa Bay Times

Could better psychological testing prevent a tragedy like the Germanwings crash? – Slate


WGN Radio Chicago

KNX 1070 NewsRadio Los Angeles


Diane Damos interview  Friday March 27 with Reshmi Nair

Diane Damos Interview Saturday March 28 with Fredrica Whitfield