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Testing Services

Damos Aviation Services provides  a wide variety of testing services.  We can provide standardized ability/ skills tests, personality tests,  and advanced computerized tests of situational awareness and multi-tasking.  We can conduct initial screening interviews or technical interviews.  Most of our testing services are available online or in person.   We also offer training courses to improve your staff’s  interviewing methods.

WOMBAT, testing services by Damos Aviation

Types of Tests

We offer all of the standardized tests that have been used by air carriers and flying training schools  for  both experienced pilot hiring and ab initio selection .  These include tests of spatial visualization, quantitative skills, eye-hand coordination, and reasoning.

We also offer personality tests.  The tests may be administered in a candidate’s native language.

Damos Aviation Services administers the WOMBAT (Click here for more information on the WOMBAT)  a computerized test assessing situational awareness, multi-tasking, and eye-hand co-ordination.  All of these skills are important to a successful flying career. These skills and abilities often are not assessed because the company or school has to buy the testing equipment. Such tests are often too expensive for a single carrier or school to purchase.

Damos Aviation Services personnel can conduct initial employment interviews.  In addition, we can construct interviews for special hiring needs.  For example, we can construct a “cultural adaptability”  interview for companies that need to base their pilots overseas.

Testing Locations

Most standardized tests are now available online and can be delivered anywhere in the world that has a working internet connection.  Damos Aviation Services also offers video conferencing for interviews.

Some tests, such at the Wombat, must be administered in person.  On-site testing  may be conducted at pilot job fairs or other meetings.  We will bring all the tests to the meeting site and find a suitable location on or near the meeting site where we can administer the tests.  Some  computerized tests require the applicant to study information before actually taking the test. For these tests, we will make the informational material available the day of the test and provide quiet study areas for your applicants. All tests will be scored immediately,  and the results will be made available to you promptly.

Some companies prefer that we do the testing.  We can do this either at your facilities or at a site on the north side of O’Hare International Airport. We offer the same services and prompt reporting as for testing at pilot job fairs.  Arrangements for these services must be made several weeks in advance.