Damos Aviation Services – Pilot Screening and Selection

Your One Stop Shop for All Your Pilot Screening Needs

Air carriers and flight schools need a comprehensive approach to pilot screening.
Here is what we can do for your company:

Hiring System

Identify any shortcomings of your current hiring system and suggest improvements through changes to your interviews and additional testing.

Test Selection

Select the most effective standardized tests for your pilot screening process. Negotiate with vendors on your behalf to obtain the best possible price.

Test Administration

Administer the standardized tests for you or train your staff to do the administration

  • DAS can administer the tests through the internet.  Results are provided in a timely manner.
  • DAS can also conduct on-site testing at pilot job fairs or at your facilities. Results are usually available immediately
  • Train your personnel to administer and score the tests


Decrease your legal exposure through appropriate documentation.


Refine your interview questions, evaluation forms, and scoring methods.

Train your staff in structured interviewing methods and scoring.