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Your One Stop Shop for All Your Pilot Screening Needs

Air carriers and flight schools need a comprehensive approach to pilot screening.   Here is what we can do for your company:

  • Identify the competencies and traits that are most important to the success of your pilots and the most cost-effective methods for testing them.
  • Train your staff in structured interviewing methods and scoring.
  • Develop your interview questions and the evaluation forms.
  • Select the best standardized tests for your pilot screening process. Negotiate with vendors on your behalf. Train your personnel in test administration.
  • Conduct on-site testing at pilot job fairs and meetings to facilitate your hiring process.
  • Administer screening tests through the internet.  Provide test results and interpretation in a timely manner
  • Decrease your legal exposure through appropriate documentation.
  • Provide expert witness services for cases related to pilot hiring and pilot life-time earnings.

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