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Workshops / Short Courses

Pilot Selection & Pilot Interviewing

Both the pilot selection course and the interviewing workshop are offered at various locations, include DAS facilities near O’Hare Airport and the Quebec Center for Aviation Training (CQFA) facilities in Montreal.  Both courses may be offered in conjunction with an aviation tradeshow or other meetings.  Both courses  also may be taught at a client’s facilities on an on-demand basis.

The pilot selection course and the workshop usually are conducted on weekdays from approximately 9 AM to 4 PM.   When the classes are held in conjunction with a major meeting, the schedule may be adjusted  to include a Saturday meeting. The teaching schedule allows  for an hour for lunch and two coffee breaks.  However, the schedule may be changed when the course is held in conjunction with another aviation meeting to accommodate the participants’ need to attend other meetings.

The registration fee should be paid at the time of enrollment (before the class begins) . The enrollment fee will be refunded for courses with fewer than six  participants.  A participant may withdraw with no penalty from any course or workshop up to 7 days before the start date.

Information on any course or workshop may be obtained by contacting Damos AviationServices at 847-855-9582  or email