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Ordering Information

How to Order Tests from Damos Aviation Services, Inc.

General Information 

Non-U.S. users need to contact us before completing the qualification form.  Please email us.

Damos Aviation Services currently offers only the Tabular Speed Test for purchase to qualified users. Other tests are under development or in beta testing.

Tests are available only to qualified users. Prospective purchasers must complete the Qualifications Form before any test materials can be shipped. Click here for link to the Qualifications Form.

How to order:
The easiest way to order is to email your order to  You may also call Sales at 847-855-9582 between 9 AM and 5 PM Central Time Monday-Friday.

Remember to include shipping and handling charges. Illinois and Texas residents must include 6.25% sales tax on each order.

Shipping and handling
Orders are shipped FedEx second business day unless otherwise instructed.

Shipping and handling charges of 15% of the cost of the order or $30.00 (whichever is greater) are added to all domestic orders. For international orders, the shipping and handling charges are calculated at the time the order is placed.

General terms and conditions
All prices are subject to change without notice

Purchases must be paid by wire transfer or check.

We do not sell specimen sets. If you wish to review a test, please order the manual.

Copyright infringement damages professional standards and the integrity of the assessment instrument themselves. Damos Aviation Services urges all qualified users to ensure that no copyright infringements occur within their organizations. Damos Aviation Services will take prompt legal action against anyone who infringes on its copyrights.

Upon receipt, each order should be checked against the original order. If there is a discrepancy, you must notify Damos Aviation Services within 14 calendar days for an adjustment.

Damos Aviation Services will not accept any materials for return without prior notice and authorization. Contact Sales to obtain authorization. All returned material must be in their original packaging, if applicable. Material should be shipped by FedEx or other traceable means and must be received in good condition. Damos Aviation Services  will not reimburse any shipping or delivery costs incurred to return materials unless these costs are agreed to by Damos Aviation Services  in writing prior to the shipment. All returns are subject to a 10% handling charge.