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Tabular Speed Test©

Paper & Pen Version

The Tabular Speed Test© assesses perceptual speed, an ability that is known to contribute to success as a pilot. This test is appropriate for both ab initio (student) and experienced pilots. For experienced pilots applying for regional airline positions, this test has been found to correlate significantly with scores on the final exams given at the end of ground school and with pass/fail in training.  It also correlates with scores on the simulator evaluation given as part of the selection process.  Thus, this test can be given early in the selection process to identify those candidates with a lower probability of completing the selection process successfully. For student pilots, scores on the Tabular Speed Test© are significantly correlated with time to solo and with time to the private license.

The Tabular Speed Test© requires 9 minutes of testing time and is currently available only in paper-and-pencil form.

Both the scoring template and the matrix are heavily laminated and last indefinitely.  The test booklets are reusable and typically last for many test administrations.


"Quick, Easy to Administer, Valuable Addition"

The Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre has recently introduced the Tabular Speed Test into their post-secondary intake process.  We have found the Tabular Speed Test to be quick,  easy to administer and a valuable addition to our student screening process.  Diane Damos, from Damos Aviation Services , has been accessible and very supportive as we introduced this new screening tool.   

Tammy Adams
Post Secondary Program Coordinator
The Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre

Tabular Speed Test© Materials

Starter Kit – $480
Includes 2 test booklets, 2 matrices, 1 manual, 100 answer sheets, and 1 scoring template

Test Booklet – $25
Single Copy

Test Manual – $35
Single Copy

Scoring Template – $25
Single Copy

Matrix – $15
Single Copy

Answer Sheets  – $400
(package of 100)

The prices listed above do not include shipping and handling fees. Please read Ordering Information for complete ordering details.

General Information

The Tabular Speed Test© is a B-Level test, so new users must complete the qualifications form  After the form has been approved, you may purchase your test material.  New users should purchase the starter kit to ensure that they obtain all parts of the test.

Non-U.S. users need to contact us before completing the qualification form.  Please email us.