Educational Context

Damos Aviation Services, Inc. offers a 2-day course on pilot selection and screening.  This course is designed for managers who supervise the operation of the pilot hiring system and make hiring decisions and for Human Resources personnel and pilots who are directly involved in hiring pilots. This course is also appropriate for personnel from flight training schools that perform  selection or screening of aviation cadets.  No prior knowledge of selection and screening are required.

Before January, 2015, the pilot selection course contained a module on pilot interviewing.  All of the information on pilot interviewing from the  pilot selection course has been moved into Pilot Interviewing Essentials and the Pilot Interviewing Workshop. Participants may take the pilot selection course before or after either of the two interviewing courses.

This course can be given on-site for air carriers, flight schools, or other aviation-related companies.  The course also may be delivered by Zoom.  Beginning in 2021, the course will be scheduled at least twice each calendar year with open enrollment, i.e., anyone may take the course. This course is taught only in English.


Educational Approach

This course uses a lecture format with real-life examples. All of the lecturer’s slides and reference material will be provided to the participants at the start of the course. It is not necessary to have a portable computer for the course.

Major Topics:

  • What Is A Pilot Selection System?
  • Designing a Pilot Selection System for Your Company
  • Understanding Test Reliability And Validity
  • Choosing Cost Effective Pilot Selection Tests
  • Evaluating Resumes and Applications
  • Setting Appropriate Pass/Fail Scores
  • Using Personality Tests Effectively

A module on bias and discrimination is included in courses with U.S. participants.


When taught in Montreal, the price for this 2-day course is  $735 USD, including all coffee breaks and snacks, and two lunches served on location.  The price also includes free parking and free WiFi Internet.

For the cost of the course at other locations, please check the “Coming Events” page.

Information and Registration

For more information, please contact the CQFA at 514-300-2732, Extension 101 or email .To register for the 2-day course, you may call CQFA at 514-300-2732, Extension 101 or  click here


“With almost 18 years experience in hiring and managing pilots, I thought I had a good handle on what to do. However, after attending your Pilot Selection Course in March of 2007, I began to realize how much I didn’t know especially involving government compliance.…..We had what I thought was a great hiring program, but I quickly realized we had no predictive validity. I could not prove that any test, interview or simulator evaluation actually worked in selecting the most suitable applicant….You showed us how this was a waste of time and money and how to correct the problem.”

Capt. Dan Robertson

Manager of Pilot Hiring, ASA


“I was very pleased to take Dr. Diane Damos’ Pilot Selection Test in Vancouver after our Air Transport Association of Canada Annual Meeting. Pilot selection is a hot topic with our ATAC flight training schools. Diane’s course took us through the basics, explained the concepts clearly and gave us a chance to interact and ask lots of questions. It was friendly and informal but thorough and instructive. Diane’s course is the ideal vehicle for ab initio flight training schools looking to become more educated on pilot selection.”

Joan Williams,
Chair of the Board
Ottawa Aviation Services and member of the ATAC Board of Directors

“Over the course of two busy days, Diane Damos lead us to understand the structure of our pilot selection system in a worldwide context, and she offered high-quality, concrete advice on how to move forward. I highly recommend her Pilot Selection Systems Course.”

Dorothy Turner, Moncton Flying College
Head of Chinese Candidate Assessment and Selection

“The Pilot Selection Systems course ‘opened my eyes’ to more and better pilot pre-screening and selection considerations.  I’ve been recruiting pilots for years but this course and the extensive knowledge and understanding of the issues we face in the corporate world, that Ms. Damos shared, will shape the way we select pilots in the future.  Indeed, the principles in the course content are applicable to pre-screening and selection of any candidate for any job. It has been time well-spent and what I have learned will have a positive impact on future recruitment for my company. “

Brenda Rowe – Recruitment Manager – Jazz Airlines