Pilot Interviewing Workshop

Educational Context

Damos Aviation Services, Inc. offers two courses on pilot interviewing.   Both courses teach the structured interview method, which has been shown to be the most accurate method for identifying successful applicants. Both courses are offered through the Centre Quebecois de Formation Aeronautique (CQFA) in Montreal and are only available in English. Participants should complete the Pilot Interviewing Essentials course before participating in the workshop.Please see  Pilot Interviewing Essentials for a description of the on-line course.

This one-day workshop uses a combination of lectures and hands-on activities to teach the attendees how to develop, administer, and score a board interview using the structured interview method.  Anyone who interviews pilots for an airline, including Human Resources personnel and management pilots, will find this course helpful.  No prior experience or background knowledge is assumed. However, participants must complete the online Pilot Interviewing Essentials course before taking this workshop.  This course reinforces the information presented in Pilot Interviewing Essentials about the technical (Captains’) interview but includes additional training on background analysis and working with Human Resources personnel.

All of the information on pilot interviewing from the 2-day pilot selection course has been moved into Pilot Interviewing Essentials and the Pilot Interviewing Workshop. Participants may take the pilot selection course before or after either of the two interviewing courses.

Educational Approach

The Pilot Interviewing Workshop begins with a brief (approximately 1 hour) review of the material presented in Pilot Interviewing Essentials.  The rest of the workshop provides hands-on practice on all of the major aspects of conducting a board interview. The participants begin by analyzing candidate folders with and without prior human resources interview results and scores on standardized tests. Next, the participants view and score mock video interviews and complete assessment forms. The participants then are formed into groups and conduct mock interviews. During these mock interviews, the participants practice attentive listening skills, using rating scales, taking appropriate notes, and conducting consensus scoring.   All interviews will be followed by a group discussion and critique.


The price for this 1-day workshop is  $295 CAD when it is held at CQFA in Montreal.  The cost includes all coffee breaks and snacks, and lunch served on location.  The price also includes free parking and free WiFi Internet.

For the cost of this course at other locations, please check the “Coming Events” page.

Registration and Information

For more information, please contact the CQFA at 514-300-2732, Extension 101 or email info@cqfa.ca .  To register for this workshop, you may call CQFA at 514-300-2732, Extension 101 or  click here.