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Privacy Policy

Our website address is

We put no cookies or trackers of any type on your site.

We never release your data to any third party.

Your data are not used in any advertising by Damos Aviation Services, Inc. and are never given to any advertising services. 

The only information that is gathered is that on the Qualified User Application. If you do not complete this form, no information is gathered.

To become a Qualified User, you must complete the application form. We collect data on your employment history and education solely for the purpose of determining if you are qualified to become a user of the Tabular Speed Test.  The application form must be completed to become a Qualified User. Data from the form are kept for 1 calendar year after the form is submitted if no purchase is made.  If a purchase is made, the information is kept for 18 months after the last purchase.

You may request that your data be deleted at any time by contacting us at