Buying pilot screening tests can sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating.  Selection tests in the United States are rated as A-level, B-level, and C-level. The pilot screening tests are C-level tests and B-level tests. To buy these tests, one person in your company must be designated as the responsible party. This person must have 1) advanced training in tests and measurements and an advanced degree in an associated field, 2) prior supervised testing experience or 3) completed a recognized testing certification course.  This person will have to agree to certain test secruity requirements and take responsibility for ensuring that the test is not reproduced.  The responsible party needs to be the person overseeing the test use.  It is not necessarily the person actually administering the test.

Buying a pilot screening test may require several steps.  The responsible party must contact the vendor and provide background information.  Usually the responsible party must complete a form and may be asked to submit a request on compoany letterhead.

Remember–selection tests often require years of development and a large investment of money before the developer can offer the test for sale. The developers and vendors simply are trying to ensure that the tests are purchased by responsible individuals who will use the test correctly.