Document Searches

DAS offers services in information retrieval and analysis on topics related to pilot selection and hiring.  DAS has a library of over 2000 documents dealing with pilot selection and hiring plus access to other private collections that are not available to the general public.  Many of the documents held in these libraries are difficult and expensive to access through commercial on-line services or university libraries.  We offer the following services:

  •  Database searches on topics related to pilot selection and hiring for both ab initio and experienced pilots
  • Construction of annotated bibliographies
  •  Literature reviews
  • Analysis and interpretation of documents.

Who could benefit from these services?

  • Attorneys involved with pilot selection, hiring, and retention cases
  • Students and researchers concerned with pilot selection
  •  Governmental agencies or trade associates dealing with pilot qualifications and hiring processes
  • Air carriers and flying schools needing information on specific skills, abilities, or traits for selection purposes.

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