Selection Centers

Air carriers may choose not to screen their applicants at their facilities.  Damos Aviation Services, Inc. offers a selection center for pilot screening and interviewing located  just north of O’Hare International Airport.

Damos Aviation Services  provide tests in all areas  traditionally used for pilot screening: intelligence, spatial ability, deductive reasoning, and personality. Preliminary employment interviews and in-dept psychological assessments also may be conducted at the client’s request. Interviews may be conducted by Damos Aviation Services personnel or by a combination of the carrier’s personnel and our staff.

Damos Aviation Services also administers computer-based pilot selection tests, such as the WOMBAT(Click here for more information on the WOMBAT) at the selection center. These tests assess skills and abilities that are important to a successful flying career, such as situational awareness, multi-tasking, and multi-limb co-ordination. These skills and abilities often are not assessed because the  equipment  costs are too great for a single airline to justify.

All tests will be administered by Damos Aviation Services personnel except the interviews noted above. All tests will be scored on site and the results sent by mail, fax, or electronic file to the client. Both individual and group testing areas are available.

Air carriers wishing to use these facilities must schedule their applicants a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of the desired testing date. Only individuals who are sent by an air carrier and have an appointment will be tested. All individuals must show some form of government-issued identification prior to beginning any testintg.