On-site Testing Services

Damos Aviation Services provides on-site testing services for air carriers that want to conduct screening tests at pilot job fairs or other meetings.  We will bring any paper-and-pencil or computerized pilot screening or selection  test to the site to assess your applicants.   We will find a suitable area on or near the meeting site where we can administer the tests.  All tests will be scored immediately after the applicants have completed them and the results will be made available to you promptly.  All testing will be conducted by Damos Aviation Services personnel.

Damos Aviation Services also provides on-site testing at your company’s facilities.  Damos Aviation Services  has licenses for several  portable computer-based pilot selection tests, such as the WOMBAT (Click here for more information on WOMBAT).  Such tests are often too expensive for a single carrier to purchase.   We will bring these tests and any standardized tests used in the carrier’s screening process to their facilities.  We will administer the tests and score them immediately so that the carrier can make hiring decisions promptly.

We can also bring the computerized pilot selection tests  to a job fair.  Some of these computerized tests require the applicant to study testing materials before actually taking the test. For these tests, we will make the testing material available and provide quiet study areas for your applicants.