Coming Events

The coming events listed on this page include workshops and short courses that are presented by Damos Aviation Services personnel.   Other coming events include trade shows with Damos Aviation Services exhibits and presentations. All of these events are concerned with student and airline pilot screening and hiring.  Major publications by Damos Aviation Services personnel are listed with approximate release dates.

Course and workshops may be conducted in conjunction with the Quebec Center for Aviation Training.  For a more detailed description of a short course or workshop, please click here: courses. Please email the Quebec Center for Aviation Training or call  514-300-2732, Extension 0 to obtain a course outline or to register.


Dr. Diane Damos will be giving a key note address at the European Association for Aviation Psychology on 30 Sept. 2020 at 9 AM.  The conference will be held in Gibraltar at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel.  Please see the EAAP conference website for more details.


An article by Mr. Jean LaRoche and Dr. Diane Damos was published by the Royal Aeronautical Society in the July issue of Aero Space.  The article is concerned with medical privacy for pilots.

Short Courses

The Pilot Selection Course   is usually taught in Montreal at the CQFA training facility across from Trudeau International Airport or at O’Hare Airport.  The 2020 schedule has not yet been confirmed. Please check back later for the new schedule. For more information on the course content, please see the Pilot Selection Course. 

The Pilot Interviewing  Essentials  online course has been revised.

“With almost 18 years experience in hiring and managing pilots, I thought I had a good handle on what to do. However, after attending your Pilot Selection Course in March of 2007, I began to realize how much I didn’t know especially involving government compliance.…..We had what I thought was a great hiring program, but I quickly realized we had no predictive validity. I could not prove that any test, interview or simulator evaluation actually worked in selecting the most suitable applicant….You showed us how this was a waste of time and money and how to correct the problem.”

Capt. Dan Robertson
Manager of Pilot Hiring, ASA