Cabin Crew Staffing Assessment

Cabin crew staffing is a critical issue in determining the level of service an air carrier provides to its passengers. Too few flight attendants in a cabin may cause a decreased level of service and a decline in passenger satisfaction and safety.  Too many flight attendants decrease the profitability of the flight and may displace paying passengers.  How should an airline determine the optimal number of cabin crew to provide the desired level of in-flight service?

Damos Aviation Services has over 10 years experience dealing with cabin crew staffing issues.  We have worked with subject matter experts to develop a process that identifies the appropriate number of attendants for each cabin.  This method has been used on long, international flights and on short, domestic flights on several different aircraft.  It has been used at every level of service from international first class to domestic economy.

This method is easily tailored to reflect each airline’s unique cabin service.  In addition to addressing current staffing needs, this method can be used to determine the effect of proposed changes in cabin service on staffing levels.  This staffing method has been used successfully in arbitrations involving staffing levels and can provide  guidance to navigate the delicate balance between service and safety.

As a long term arbitration advocate in the airline industry, we knew that in order to prevail for our client in a very complicated case, we would need a uniquely qualified professional who would take the time to understand and develop an objective way to measure in-flight cabin crew tasks. Dr. Diane Damos and Damos Aviation Services, Inc, provided a highly skilled group of professionals who streamlined a process of technical information to produce reliable, accurate and admissible data.

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