No. The structure, content, and development process of a selection system is affected by the legal requirements of the country, the language of country, and pilot experience. The legal requirements vary widely from country to country. This affects the types of questions that may be asked in the interview and the documentation describing the development and validation process. Nevertheless, all systems should be developed in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

Language causes other differences. Large numbers of written/computerized tests assessing many different types of knowledge, abilities, skills, and traits are available for English-speaking countries. Fewer tests are available for other languages. The lack of tests may have a direct effect on the structure of the selection system.

Pilot experience also affects the selection system. Most ab initio pilot selection systems do not include a simulator test, whereas the majority of experienced pilot selection systems do. The types of questions asked in an interview also vary between an ab initio selection system and an experienced pilot selection system.